Can any college student list and sublet their room?

You may list/sublet your room if you have the legal right to do so. You should check the laws applicable to you based on your area, and you should contact your landlord/complex first before ever renting your room out to another party.

Is the room price final, or do you allow the sublessor to charge additional after I pay?

We do not allow the sublessor to charge you extra after you pay. By the time you have paid, you have both signed an agreement that states the transaction will be final and that the price is correct.

How much do you charge?

We charge nothing for listing your room, and nothing for looking for rooms. We only charge 3% of your asking price in the very end, when the sublessee pays the sublessor for the room. If you never successfully sublet your room, you will never be charged.

Is the room price the total, or is it per month?

Sublessors list their room's price on a per month basis.

How is my payment processed?

We use Stripe to secure our payments.